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I remember…
The taste of rose petals and the moon smiling down us as we laid naked bearing our souls to the brightest star,
Her glow like a summer spring lake washing over my breathing  paled skin,
I am the soft meadow grass dancing with the wind 1-2 step 1-2 sway as the night butterflies come out to play,
My head upon your lap as you’re fingertips nested playfully in my mine poundering about the crazy mysteries of life again the moon smiled as she turned her face towards the dusk,
My lips quiver for you
For your taste,I’d wished you let go and flood my body with your desires and love just like a fire takes hold of wood you burn me inside out and in that moment I felt
Breathless but lost,
I felt,
you and Me
I don’t want to believe that feelings fade,.

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So it Friday night 9am I’m in my pjs about to write up some words now I have unlimited internet woop

So it Friday night 9am I’m in my pjs about to write up some words now I have unlimited internet woop

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Come talk and ask me things I need entertaining while I wait for sleep to come excuse the typos in the tags told you my phone was crap

Filed under ask talk I wish I was w cat they fall asleep too easily and quick they also have the super ability to wake up suddenly full of masses amounts of energy even after a short cat nap while I fumble around half dead getting ready for work jealous much ha nighttime rambelings and thoughts of cara jane lol

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Pooled Under


Jump in, dive in;
Fall into me, darling —
I’m the pool of darkness,
mysticism concoct.
Enjoy an underwater distorted view,
enjoy a backward stroke, freestyle lunge,
butterfly splash, breastward pull.
Linger and tread
my warm waters;
Just be warned,
as easy as it is to float,
easy it is
to drown.

Ripples won’t tell,
not even
in the moonlit limn.

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Soo I was writing up some poetry for you guys and my laptop died and the charger is hiding in someone’s room who is sleeping ga rr tomorrow!! And my phone is useless fir writing up alot typos everytime

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